Quotes by Austin Steinbart Pt.5


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Aug 12, 2020
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Quote #58 - A staple of British power

"Heroin dealing is such a a staple of British power that they use a poppy pin instead of a yellow ribbon to honor their dead soldier."

"Poppies are the flowers that heroin is derived from."

"The British royals claim that the poppy was adopted after World War I because it symbolized the flowers that grew in the fields after the battles took place. But it's really because they used heroin financed anarchist-assassins to incite a vast war, seize territories in the Middle East and consolidate vast power over Europe, Africa and the rest of the world – power they would use to set the stage for another major world war that would give them the opportunity to conquer back their ultimate prize, the United States of America."

Quote #59 - Precursor to the CIA

"As World War II was breaking out, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, a slimy robber baron heir whose grandfather made his fortune smuggling heroin to China, allowed British intelligence to come over and essentially build the precursor to the CIA called OSS from the ground up teaching Americans all the gangsterific spy agency tactics they had developed over the centuries."

"From that point on, British and American intel ops became deeply intertwined, especially when it came to controlling organized crime and using it to finance covert operations. The idea was sold to American leaders on the pretense that drug-dealing and prostitution was going to happen either way, so they might as well control it and use the money that it generates for their ops."

Quote #60 - A pipe dream

"But that always was a pipe dream and what REALLY ended up happening was the United States getting corrupted from within and dragged into endless foreign wars – wars that are ultimately used to enact the medieval imperial agenda of the British empire and to facilitate more heroin cultivation like in Vietnam and Afghanistan."

"Ever thought about how weird it is that Afghanistan is currently growing three times as much heroin as it was when we invaded in 2001?"

Quote #61 - Human trafficking

"But as I mentioned earlier, drug dealing isn't the only funding source for our intelligence operations. Human trafficking is too. Human trafficking is another ancient industry controlled by intelligence services. And it is even more sadistic than the heroin gang."

"If you've ever seen the movie “Taken”, that sort of a situation where the girl is being sold off at an auction is VERY REAL and happens much more often than you think. Another good depiction is the Avicii music video, “For a Better Day”."

"If you ever wonder why Avicii was suicided, look no further than that video he made."

Quote #62 - Jeffrey Epstein

"And they don't just use sex trafficking to raise money. They also use it to exercise power. If you've ever seen the movie “Red Sparrow” with Jennifer Lawrence, you'll see a depiction of what's called a “honey pot” or a special type of spy operation that lures powerful men into compromising sexual activities and then uses the pictures from that activity to blackmail them."

"British and American spy agencies frequently use this method to exercise control over billionaires who aren't afraid of politicians. That's why they created Jeffrey Epstein and “Sex Island” to use as a mega honey pot."

"That's why Robert Mueller stepped in and got him off with a slap on the wrist when Acosta tried to prosecute him in Florida, because as the documents clearly state, “Epstein belongs to intelligence”. Pretty crazy, right? And they let most of the other small-time traffickers run wild too."

Quote #63 - Austin has witnessed human trafficking

"I witnessed this first hand doing overnight IT work for hotel chains like Hilton, Marriott, Embassy Suites, Hamilton Inn and La Quinta – how young girls would go into a room early in the evening and have different men coming and going every hour almost all night long, and how major hotel chains and local police brazenly look the other way as child sex trafficking is happening right under their noses."

"When I brought it up with one of the governor's top officials, how people in power turned a blind eye to corruption, he shrugged and said, “Everyone does that – Republicans and Democrats”."

"And he's not wrong, unfortunately."

Quote #64 - The infamous "Backpage" website

"That ridiculous attitude is why the website “Backpage” was created and launched in Arizona."

"Backpage was essentially a giant Craig's List for prostitutes that operated on a worldwide scale. Backpage turbo charged our human trafficking problem enriching criminal gangs and their CIA overlords in the process. It made pimping so easy that their only problem was what to do with all that money they were making."

"Which brings to me to why I originally discovered the CIA's gangbanging racket – through its money laundering ops here in Arizona, several of whom were my customers, businesses I sold point-of-sales systems to."

Quote #65 - John McCain was the previous command

"Turns out I have lots of friends in common with the guy who was the CIA's head gangbanger – someone you might recognize [John McCain]."

"If you've ever seen the TV show “Scandal”, there's a shadowy covert intelligence agency called B6, which is an artistic rendition of the real thing called D6 – the covert paramilitary wing of the CIA."

"Both in the show and in real life, the guy who runs covert operations is called “Command” and does not answer to anyone, not even the President."

Quote #66 - Purpose of command

"The purpose of the “Command” role in real life was to organize black ops around an admiral – a top military leader that would be able to operate on a 30 to 40 year time horizon as opposed to a series of presidents who operate on 4 to 8."

"Admiralty Law in the military was created before a time of instantaneous communications, so it gives Navy admirals legal authority to order strikes without pre-approval from the President."

"It was intended to be used for situations where the enemy surprise attacks and the admiral needs to order an immediate response in order to avoid catastrophe."

Quote #67 - Command turned into a corrupt loophole

"But over the years, it turned into a corrupt loophole and used to order assassinations with or without the consent of the elected president."

"Command also functions as a very important PR figurehead. ALL of the CIA mockingbirds in the mainstream media echo Command talking points verbatim, manufacturing the public consent they need to perpetuate their Racket regime change wars."

"As I mentioned earlier, John McCain was Command – the guy secretly running D6. Almost everything our kangaroo news media tells about McCain is false, especially the idea that he was some kind of patriotic veteran who was always putting his country first."

"In real life, he was actually a vicious war criminal and an opioid-addicted pedophile who saw himself as more of a European king than an American serviceman."

Quote #68 - John McCain was pure evil

"The McCain family perfectly epitomizes the insane nepotism corrupting our military."

"Any other pilot would have been grounded after one crash, but John was untouchable because his father was an admiral."

"On his very first deployment, John recklessly caused a major fire on the deck of the USS Forrestal that killed 134 of his fellow seamen."

"After again facing zero consequences for his actions, he was reassigned to another ship and back in action almost immediately."

Quote #69 - McCain - Treason

"He was shot down in Vietnam after disobeying a direct stand down order while trying to bomb a light bulb factory. The only reason they were able to shoot him down was because, once again, he wasn't following established Navy procedures and flying at the right altitude, which made him an easy target."

"He was severely injured in the crash and immediately turned on the United States in exchange for medical treatment. Being the son of the admiral that was running the war, “songbird McCain” was able to provide mountains of invaluable intel to the Vietcong – intel they used to shoot down many more American pilots."

"He was never actually tortured. That's just a lie made up to justify his treason."

Quote #70 - McCain took over the role of command

"After divorcing his first wife and remarrying Cindy Hensley in 1980, the stage was set and he took over the D6 Command role by default after his father died unexpectedly in 1981. His dad, John McCain II, or Admiral McCain, was the original Command."

"Admiral McCain originally got the job when the OSS was restructured into the CIA in 1947 because he ran the Naval Signals Intelligence Base in Italy after the war."

Quote #71 - John McCains dad - first to join NWO

"At the time, the Navy was who ran all of U.S. signals intelligence so the CIA had to work through them to facilitate their spying and gangbanging."

"Admiral McCain, along with some of his other insanely corrupt admiral friends, were some of the first naive buffoons to buy into the idea of a New World Order."

"They worked with vile racketeers like CIA Director John Dulles to import mobsters from places like Italy, Sicily and Ireland and help them take over many of America's major cities."