Quotes by Austin Steinbart Pt.6


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Aug 12, 2020
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Quote #72 - McCain buddies with cartels

"When his son took over in 1981, he immediately shifted the focus away from the Italian and Irish mobsters his dad preferred and instead ramped up operations with his old amigos in the Colombian cartels – people he knew from his childhood in Panama – leading to the cocaine and crack epidemic throughout the 80s and 90s."

"He also ingratiated himself with the crime families of Arizona like Charles Keating and got himself into Congress by taking over the seat held by John Jacob Rhodes – the sketchy MI6 double agent who helped Swift Boat President Nixon for leaving the war in Vietnam."

Quote #73 - Running D6 while in congress

"Being in Congress provided John McCain the access and legal immunities he needed to run D6 efficiently."

"Another thing that really helped was the partnership he made with the Clintons that provided them assassins and saboteurs to cover for their corruption in exchange for favorable coverage in the media mafia he needed to cover for his corruption."

"This secret partnership enabled them to sell us out while enriching themselves with racket charities funded primarily by foreign robber barons – the Saudis, the Soroses and the Rothschilds, aka “The Eye”, ushering in an unprecedented worldwide era of wanton corruption and sadistic violence."

Quote #74 - Arizona crime families

"Arizona is still very much the wild west – marauding, Depression-era crime families operate with virtual impunity here to this very day."

"Families like the Hensleys, John McCain's in-laws who control commercial alcohol distribution, and families like the Bashas, who run a prominent local grocery store chain started in the 1930s."

"A huge amount of the drug and human trafficking happening in the United States today is facilitated directly by the Hensleys, Bashas, McCains and their cartel partners like El Mayo El Chapo and the Los Salazar Family who runs Sonora."

Quote #75 - Free pass under the McCain umbrella

"Drug laws are aggressively enforced in Arizona, but anyone operating under the McCain associates umbrella, aka the CIA umbrella, gets a free pass. Because if they DO get caught, the corrupt FBI Phoenix Field Office will call in an order to local law enforcement to stand down."

"The FBI can even stand down other federal agencies like the Border Patrol. One call is all it takes. They can also force Border Patrol to release anyone they catch or hand over any evidence that they collect."

Quote #76 - Stand down orders

"I have many confidential sources in the Border Patrol who are very frustrated with the alarming frequency of those stand down orders, especially in the Yuma to Vegas Corridor where most of the real traffic comes in."

"Agents that will be leading patrols about to catch a bunch of smugglers out in the desert, who, right as they're about to make the grab, will get calls from the FBI standing them down and forcing them to back off."

Quote #77 - The Yuma Corridor

"The Yuma Corridor is a relatively mild sandy desert with minimal vegetation and lots of random people riding around on quads and dirt bikes near both sides of the border."

"And just north of Yuma and east of Yuma are a bunch of bombing ranges used for training military pilots – vast quarantined areas followed by huge wildlife refuges that make bigtime traffickers unlikely to encounter any law enforcement as they make their way up to Vegas."

"Shipments are also brought through the grocery store Bashas via underground tunnels and secretly loaded onto military planes at the Yuma MCAS Air Base by the private refueling subcontractors before being flown across the country to its final destination."

Quote #78 - Hoover Dam

"A little known fact about the Hoover Dam outside Las Vegas is that it was originally built to control the water flow to Yuma so the Mafia could extort the people who are mostly farmers into facilitating their smuggling."

"To this day, those same Depression-era crime families continue their gangbanging with impunity. Anyone who crosses them gets killed or railroaded by the feds, even Sheriff Joe [Joe Arpaio]."

"Sheriff Joe was king shit around here until he disobeyed a stand down order and raided one of McCain's trap houses and arrested one of flaky Jeff's top aides red-handed."

"The second he did that, Sheriff Joe went from untouchable to being aggressively railroaded by the feds."

Quote #79 - Jewish Voice

I also had the unique privilege of infiltrating a weird little NGO called Jewish Voice – a charity with embassy-level security that runs a hokey prosperity gospel-style TV broadcast network which fundraises tens of millions of dollars for “foreign aid”.

"It's weird though because they always seem to show up with tons of cash in the weirdest places at the weirdest times like Zimbabwe around the time Mugabe was taking power, Rwanda around the time those Hutus went crazy and Ukraine right as those regime change protests were ramping up in 2015."

"Being there reminded me of that movie “Lord of War” with Nicholas Cage, because I knew much of the money pumped into those countries was actually used to buy weapons."

Quote #80 - Kangaroo news media

"It's super annoying how our government lets vicious gangs brutalize us in our own country to raise money for their foreign rackets, but equally annoying how our news media enables them. Because the corrupt stooges who run our government wouldn't survive long if “journalists” would ever report the truth."

"But they won't. They never have and they never will."

Quote #81 - News has always been fake

"People like to think that fake news is a recent development, but the reality is that the news has always been fake."

"The term “yellow journalism” was coined way back in the 1890s to describe a media climate very similar to the one we have today where 95% of all media is owned by five bloodthirsty corporations – corporations who have no commitment to truth and no loyalty to the United States; just endless greed and corruption."

Quote #82 - Silly boomers

"Now, many silly boomers will push back on that because they like to romanticize about how there was a time back in their day when the media at least tried to be objective. But that is hilariously false."

"The media in their day watched our president get trotted out in the open by his own security team, have his head blown off in broad daylight and never pushed back a single time when it was explained away with a bunch of nakedly preposterous lies."

"Then, they saw no issue with letting some of the same co-conspirators in that murderous coup run the official investigation of it."

"Then, they let not just one but two of those co-conspirators become the president because the news has always been fake. Everything about the news industry in America is fake."

Quote #83 - Woodward and Bernstein

"Their esteemed heroes, Woodward and Bernstein, are the opposite of real journalists. They're actually Mockingbird stooges who were served up their “bombshell stories” on a silver platter by the crooked FBI as part of a highly coordinated CIA coup – similar to the Russiagate coup that the CIA coordinated against Donald Trump."

"Their top journalism award, called the Pulitzer Prize, was created by Columbia University after a blood-thirsty robber baron gave them millions of dollars to create a journalism school in his corrupt image."

Quote #84 - They're all going down

"The kangaroo news media is a big part of the reason we had to do QAnon this way, because if we didn't, the media's reputation might have survived intact, which would leave us vulnerable to more evil politicians in the future."

"Now that they took the bait, charged straight into our ambush and rallied to the defense of obvious war criminals, racketeers and pedophiles, nothing can stop what is coming. They are all going down hard."

Quote #85 - Good luck to the media

"And it's funny because they always act like us QAnon folks are the violent extremists."

"But they'll get to see who the REAL violent extremists are very soon when those left-wing mobs they've been sicin on us learn the truth about their treachery and turn on them."

"I reckon nothing will be able to save them then, not even all those police officers they've been relentlessly slandering."

"So let them enjoy their last few moments on top because I have a feeling those smug kangaroo journalists are not going to fare very well out here in the wild."

Quote #86 - D6 is CANCELED

"So with all that being said, I'd like to close with a public service announcement."

"Spooks, sicarios and robber barons be advised: D6 is officially canceled and your treachery will no longer be tolerated."

"John McCain's despicable legacy will rest in the ash heap of history where it belongs. And anyone else that engage in acts of war against the United States of America better stop and disappear immediately or on behalf of the DIA I will personally hunt them down and make a flamboyant example out of them."