Quotes by Austin Steinbart Pt.7


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Aug 12, 2020
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Quote #87 - World, meet Austin

"I was happy to infiltrate, happy to collect evidence, happy to distribute that evidence anonymously and happy to go get any bad guys, but making videos talking about myself seems totally antithetical to the Q ethos and I kind of hate it, but the DIA and Q+ are making me, so here goes nothing."

"My name is Austin Steinbart. I'm a 29-year-old DIA agent from Chandler, Arizona. If you've watched any of my other videos, you'll see that I've been having a pretty wild time out here in West World working on this QAnon project."

"QAnon is a military intelligence operation – the first of its kind – one that uses space-age quantum technology to post messages from the future to Internet forums in the present."

"The main characters in this story are President Trump, Admiral Rogers, General Flynn, the DIA, myself and Q+ – the future Commander of the future Space Force, augmenting himself with time warping artificial intelligence and running point on this whole thing."

Quote #88 - Purpose of the Q drops

"Messages on the board serve several purposes. The first one is providing the public with a behind the curtains look at a live spy operation that is currently in progress."

"The second is to give me personally, Baby Q, hints as I complete this little nightmare scavenger hunt from hell that I've been on."

"Over the course of this mission, I've infiltrated hotels, data centers, top-secret document warehouses and military bases, so some of the gobbledygook posted on those boards are actually direct messages to me personally containing hints for things I happen to be dealing with at a given time – kind of like a giant live-action escape room sort of a deal, if you've ever been to one of those things."

Quote #89 - A forced mission

"I was forced to do this as far as I'm aware for a couple reasons: the main one being my natural born proximity to some of the top goons in the Royal Death Racket."

"As far as I'm aware, I was recruited to the Defense Intelligence Agency after recognizing that a major immigration protest happening outside my high school in 2006 was actually an intelligence operation."

"My first mission for the Defense Intelligence Agency was at age 17 when I used Christian missionary work as cover to get into Cuba and to gather intel on some deals they were making with Chinese at the time."

Quote #90 - Fun drugs

"Like every other covert operation, this one has been financed primarily with gangbanging and drug dealing. SURPRISE – just fun drugs, though, like weed and molly, not life-ruining poison like meth and heroin, and absolutely no human trafficking, of course. It's kind of mortifying that they are making me tell you that part, but I guess the public needs to know how this actually works if we're ever going to be able to change it."

"So, hopefully, you guys won't hold that against me."

Quote #91 - Wild encounters

"Over the course of this mission, as you might imagine, I've done all kinds of crazy shit and met all kinds of crazy people."

"I've been jumped, robbed, kidnapped and even poisoned. My nose is still crooked from getting my face bashed in one time."

"I smuggled lots of drugs across international borders. I've had guns pointed in my face several times on both sides of the border by both sicarios and federal police."

"And I've had several attempts made on my life, some of which were very close calls, including a couple where the DIA had to step in and save me, even though they technically aren't supposed to be helping."

Quote #92 - Bloodline descendant

"In my previous video, I told you about how my mother is from Yuma and my grandmother is a refugee from El Salvador named Grace Aragon, who is a bloodline descendant to the Spanish throne."

"I also told you about how my grandfather ran the private refueling contractor on the base in Yuma that smuggled drugs for the CIA called Mercury Refueling, Inc."

Quote #93 - Family

"My grandfather, or “Opi” as we used to call him, was very sneaky. So most of my family didn't find out about any of this until recently with you guys."

"His dad, my other grandfather, Walter Steinbart, was actually a German SS officer who was given a false identity and evacuated out of Russia by a British intelligence front called “Red Cross” in a thing called “Operation Paperclip”."

"His real name was Bernard Steinbart and he was a pretty smart cookie. He knew seven languages and all kinds of stuff about the world."

Quote #94 - Commander of the Space Force

"But to be completely honest, I couldn't care less what anyone thinks about me because I am going to be the new commander of the Space Force very soon, the REAL Space Force, not that fake Air Force one."

"It means you're kind of stuck with me for the next 40 years at least whether you like it or not."

Quote #95 - BTC billionaire

"I'm also rich as hell because the DIA let me use those time-warping instant messages to tip myself off to this thing called “Bitcoin” way back when it was just starting out."

"So I'm pleased to announce that we are not going to be gangbanging or drug dealing any more to fund our black ops. I'm actually just going to pay for it myself. Isn't that fun? I'm THAT loaded."

Quote #96 - Datto's act of war

"Our next target is Datto, the tech company hosting the Amorphous Archive."

"Datto has decided that they want to cover for the corrupt CIA and arbitrarily took down the Amorphous Archive."

"By taking that down, Datto is not only violating our First Amendment rights, they are also threatening our national security by aiding and abetting foreign enemy combatants like Queen Satan – one of the primary evil monsters we're working to defeat."

"It's a direct act of war against the American people and it will not be tolerated."

Quote #97 - Sending a message to Big Tech

"Now, many of you are probably thinking to yourself: why Datto? Don't we have bigger fish to fry?"

"And the answer is: No. Because this isn't just about Datto. This is about sending all the CEOs in Silicon Valley a huge message – a message that scares the shit out of them and makes them understand that if they continue to get in the way of us fixing our country, we will mercilessly suffocate each and every one of their companies."

"It doesn't matter how big and bad they think they are. It doesn't matter how much money or power they have. Those corporations will be suffocated if they get in our way."

Quote #98 - "No outside comms"

"It's like: do they even have a brain? Because if they did, they would realize that the “No outside comms” thing was actually posted on the Chan, and that they're currently taking orders from 8Kun."

"So technically, they aren't even following the “No outside comms” rule, and they haven't been for some time now. Pretty hypocritical, right?"

Quote #99 - To the haters

"How crazy is that? The people claiming to rep Q the most are the ones refusing to look at any hard evidence, refusing to talk to anyone they disagree with and sending their stupid followers after me."

"Those vitriol haters love to do things like demand I post on the board immediately and prove everything about myself now if I want them to stop harassing me, like a military commander should be taking a marching order from a bunch of ignorant punks like them."

Quote #100 - Austin is the new command

"If you watched my headliner video, “Black Ops 101”, you probably know that all the covert operations conducted in the United States military are organized around a top leader called “Command”."

"Command is a very unique role – one that is totally off-book and comes with almost unlimited legal immunity from prosecution."

"As most of you are likely aware by now, I am the new Command for the whole United States – the guy who's going to be running black ops for the next 40 years or so. Pretty crazy, right?"

Quote #101 - Command is now DIA

"The most important difference between us is that “Command” is now a DIA thing instead of a CIA thing, meaning that I'm organized under the Department of Defense, so I can't just wantonly disobey orders from the President like those little royal wannabees at the State Department."

"The other huge difference between us is that instead of funding black ops with heroin and human trafficking gangs run by vile robber barons like the Saudis, the Soros and the Rothschilds, I'm just going to fund them out of my own pocket with this multi-billion dollar mountain of cryptocurrency that I've been collecting."

Quote #102 - Eliminate threats to the USA

"So a long story short, I'm something like the new Lord Commander of the Nights Watch, if you've ever seen “Game of Thrones”, meaning that it's now my job to identify and eliminate threats to our national security – threats like tech companies who engage in acts of war against the United States of America by aiding and abetting of foreign enemy combatants like Queen Satan with aggressive censorship of our free speech."